Concrete Decks

Ultra Quiet Floors has been specializing in pouring concrete decks and breezeways in apartments, townhouses and condominiums for more than three decades. In fact, we are one of the few companies still capable of pouring thin slab applications. Our concrete deck applications range from Portland, Oregon to Seattle, Washington and all points between!

Complete Concrete Deck Systems

We have taken the lost art of pouring thin concrete decks to a whole new level. We offer entire concrete deck systems at a competitive price and at the highest level of quality, providing the complete concrete and waterproof deck system.

Our typical concrete deck systems include:

  • Metal flashing installation
  • Liquid applied urethane waterproofing, with a drainage or protection applied
  • T-metal deck edge form, available in many concrete deck thicknesses
  • Normal weight concrete pour and finish, usually broom finished
  • Extended warranties